“Knight of the Immaculata” No. 24

Eighty years ago, on the 14th of August 1941, Fr. Maximilian Kolbe was executed. He was murdered in the hunger bunker in Auschwitz, where he had been incarcerated, most probably at the end of July, with 9 other condemned men. He died as a victim of love for two reasons: the first is well known — he asked to replace a fellow prisoner who was the father of a family, and offered himself to suffer and die for him. The second reason — he didn’t want the other prisoners to die miserably and in despair risking, after a bitter death on earth, to be condemned to eternal death in hell: he wanted to share their sufferings and bring them the consolations of Our Lord and Our Lady.

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“Knight of the Immaculata” No. 23

We are all aware, that extraordinary times have arrived. The aim of the current undertakings in the world is to destroy the Church and Christian civilization in order to build on their ruins a New World Order without God and His Law. But this is neither new nor extraordinary, because from the very beginning this was always the ambition of the devil.
Saint Maximilian equally reflected often about such exceptional times. Already since 1938 he foresaw the upcoming Second World War, and he wanted to prepare the Knights for such times of heavy trials.


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Letter No. 16 of Fr. Director

Dear Knights of the Immaculata,
Our little jubilee of 20 years of the Militia of the Immaculata of Traditional Observance is coming to an end. As we look back on these years, we must first thank God for having allowed this small army of Our Lady to spread to 62 countries on the 5 continents.

“Knight of the Immaculata” No. 22

In these troubled times we should never forget that we are entirely in the hands of Divine Providence. In this newest issue of the “Knight of the Immaculata” we want to introduce you to the rather unknown title of “Our Lady of Divine Providence”. She teaches us to live in the spiritual embrace of the loving Providence of the Most Holy Trinity, especially in such dangerous times.

This issue shows you also that Our Lady doesn’t “sleep” in spite of the many restrictions and lockdowns: She never allows anybody to be “locked down”!

Pray the Rosary every day, especially in this blessed month of the Most Holy Rosary!

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Knight of the Immaculata No. 21

This new issue of the Knight of the Immaculata as the expression of my deep conviction that when times get worse,  the greater will be the consolation coming from the immense love of Our Heavenly Mother who never abandons her children.
The M.I. is nothing but so to say the ‘extension’ of her presence amongst the poor children of Eve.
More than ever before all her Knights are requested to allow HER to shine forth when darkness grows. In these times the distribution of the Miraculous Medal or flyers about HER are much more efficacious than in any other times.
More than ever before we can help HER to save many souls.

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Flyer “The Knock Apparition”

On the 21st of August 1879 Mary McLoughlin passed the church accompanied by Mary Byrne who noticed that the ‘statues’ were moving. Exclaiming it was the Blessed Virgin she ran to tell others. Soon some twenty people had gathered.
Knock has not escaped the influence of modernism. It has ugly buildings and uninspiring ceremonies. But traditional devotions are making a comeback. The ceremonies and conferences organised by the Society of St. Pius X in September 2019 illustrate this. We can also make individual or group pilgrimages which might include the Way of the Cross, saying Rosaries while circling the old church and various other prayers.


Knight of the Immaculata No. 20

This year we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the M.I. Traditional Observance. In Warsaw on the first Saturday of May 2000 (May 6th), Fr. Karl Stehlin enrolled the first 50 Knights into the Militia Immaculatæ, renewed according to the principles of St. Maximilian. The first Knights received the “dyplomik” (little diploma), a copy of the one written and signed by St. Maximilian himself.

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Protection against the epidemic by the Miraculous Medal

While in 1832 the first Miraculous Medals were being produced, Paris was hit by a terrible cholera epidemic that claimed more than 20,000 lives.
In June, the Daughters of Charity started to distribute the first 2,000 medals, especially to infected people who filled the hospitals.
The healings increased, also the special protection against the disease and the healing in emotional distress. It was overwhelming. The population of Paris began to call the medal „miraculous”.


Knight of the Immaculata No. 19

Wherever the Knights of the Immaculata pray the Rosary regularly, and invite others to pray it, Our Lady blesses them abundantly. For example, consider a chapel with 20 faithful having Holy Mass only once a month. After entering the M.I. they prayed the Rosary together, distributed Rosaries and the flyers, because the people didn’t know anymore how to pray it. After 5 months they are already 60 strong and full of zeal to win many souls for the Immaculata. Before, they never even thought about the importance of doing something to save souls. You see, thanks to the Rosary, the love of God and our neighbour increases — and from indifferent lukewarm Catholics they change into fervent soldiers of Our Lady’s army.

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Silence — the Gate of Holiness

“Silence is necessary and even indispensable. Indeed, when silence is lacking, God’s graces dry up. We then cease to be instruments in the Immaculate’s hands, and we can only spoil her deeds, even if we accomplish the most sublime actions.
Silence does not mean saying nothing, but speaking only to the extent that the Immaculate wishes it; as much as, no more than. To speak only as much as necessary, we should continuously watch over ourselves, in order to say only what is indispensable for the conduct of daily business.” — St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe

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