Четыре новых листовки / Four new flyers in Russian

Мы рады представить вниманию читателей четыре новых листовки на русском языке
1. О Коричневом Скапулярии
2. Хронология Фатимы
3. О Третьей Тайне Фатимы
4. О Пресвятой Деве из Ля Салетт

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Folder o ojcu Wenantym

Ojciec Wenanty Katarzyniec zmarł w opinii świętości w dniu 31 marca 1921 roku. Ojciec Maksymilian Kolbe był przekonany, że dzięki wstawiennictwu o. Wenantego ukazał się pierwszy numer “Rycerza Niepokalanej” w 1922 roku. I ten cichy i skromny o. Katarzyniec nieustannie pomagał z nieba. Święty Maksymilian tak to wspomina: “Nieraz też w chwilach ciężkich, podczas szalonych skoków w cenach, które powaliły tyle wydawnictw, polecałem Niepokalanej przez ręce o. Wenantego krytyczne położenie i nie doznałem zawodu.”

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“Knight of the Immaculata” No. 17

A vocation is an immense grace, and because all graces come from the Sacred Heart only through her immaculate hands, the grace of God’s call comes the same way. Generally a young man becomes aware of being called according to the measure of his devotion and love of her. How many understood this touch of God’s finger in their soul meditating on Our Lady’s words in Fatima: “God wants to use you to make me known and loved!” To understand the call from God, one must understand deeply the mysteries of our faith and specially the immense grandeur of the Eternal King who deigns to call even the poorest sinners into his service. Only the Immaculata, “seat of wisdom”, will open their eyes and hearts and dispose them to become more fascinated by the eternal light of God than by the brilliance of the false pleasures of the world.

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Flyer “The Immaculata Virgin most prudent”

The Blessed Virgin Mary firstly manifested her prudence by devoting herself to God’s service at an early age, when she was presented by her holy parents in the temple of God, and where she remained occupied in the meditation of His law, and in the celebration of His divine perfections.
The blessed Virgin, in choosing “the better part,” manifested her singular prudence, as this is a virtue which guides us in the choice of our objectives, and in the selection of the means to attain them.
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Le Chevalier de l’Immaculée Lettre n° 7 – 2e trimestre 2019

La consécration à l’Immaculée que le nouveau chevalier prononce à l’occasion de la cérémonie d’entrée dans la Militia Immaculatæ commence par cette belle invocation : « Ô Immaculée, Reine du ciel et de la terre… »

« L’Immaculée » : c’est presque l’unique nom que donnait le Père Kolbe à la très sainte Vierge. Ce titre, utilisé dans la Milice de l’Immaculée pour invoquer Marie, est un titre dogmatique. C’est la piété fondée sur la doctrine catholique ; c’est la doctrine catholique transfigurée par la piété.


Flyer “Virgin of Virgins”

We offer a new flyer “Virgin of Virgins”. Mary — this perfect masterpiece of God — is a woman. Therefore, of all the creatures that He made, women, and especially virgins, have a special relationship to her. This, above all else, is the great duty of woman: to be an image, a living icon of the Immaculata. That is why it is so necessary for a woman, a virgin, to follow her prototype. Mary gives the example of the virginal life and vocation, and the perfection of feminine nature comes about through conformity to her: to the extent that a woman reflects HER in her life, she becomes precious, strong, pure and preternaturally beautiful.


“Knight of the Immaculata” No. 16

The topic of this issue of “Knight of the Immaculata” is the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. At Fatima Our Lady revealed to the world her Immaculate Heart and presented the devotion to her Immaculate Heart as the remedy for all evils in our times. She also revealed what this devotion mainly consists of and announced that she would come again to give detailed precisions of her request: “I will come and ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted”.

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“Рыцарь Непорочной” – Спецвыпуск / “Knight of the Immaculata” in Russian

Мы бы хотели сообщить, что были подготовлены новые публикации на русском языке. Это “Рыцарь Непорочной”, затрагивающий тему посвящения России Непорочному Сердцу Марии.
Рассматривая историю России, мы видим, что несомненным фактом является то, что почитание Богородицы это один из важнейших элементов духовной жизни русских христиан.

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8 news flyers

We offer new 8 flyers:
1. Mary, Vanquisher of all heresies
2. The Immaculata — Model of Silence
3. Venerable Fr. Venanty Katarzyniec
4. The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
5. The Immaculata — Seat of Wisdom
6. The Virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary (part I) — Mary’s Virtues in relation to God
7. The Virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary (part II) — Mary’s Virtues in relation to men
8. The Virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary (part III) — Mary’s Virtues in relation to herself

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Carta del Padre Director Nº 13

San Maximiliano dijo que la diferencia entre un buen seglar católico y un sacerdote es la misma que entre el cielo y la tierra. Porque si de los laicos puede servirse Dios para transmitir sus gracias, especialmente las que preparan y disponen las almas para la Verdad y la Vida, solo el sacerdote puede dar y restaurar en ellas la gracia santificante, la Vida de Dios, la Luz eterna, el mismo Cristo.
¡Qué grande, entonces, debe de ser el deseo de la Santísima Virgen de que en todas partes estos dispensadores de gracias divinas, instrumentos de Cristo “por excelencia”, puedan multiplicarse! Porque es a través de ellos, sobre todo, que puede cumplir su misión de entregar a Jesús al mundo, santificar las almas y transformarlas en otros Cristos.